Proposal for Restarting the US Economy

Plan for Restarting the US Economy

In order to recover our economy we are going to need short term, intermediate, and long term plans that stop the flow of money, resources, and jobs out of the country and provide a value to future Americans worth the expense.   We are facing enormous challenges to our economy, ecology, security, and sovereignty and the resolutions selected should address all of those challenges.   The best use of our resources is to implement solutions that address as many of those issues as possible.  There is one project that we could do that could give us energy independence in less than ten years, put tens of millions of Americans to work while utilizing our current vehicles and energy delivery systems

Mid term project:

Build algae growing and processing facilities in Texas, New Mexico, Nevada, Utah, and California.   The algae can be grown in sewage, water and sunlight.   In order to grow the algae, sewage pipelines will need to be created from cities near processing plants.    Those states already have an extraordinary amount of sunlight.    It would take a decade to build enough facilities to process all of the sewage from cities such as Los Angeles.    The facilities will initially need a large amount of water and then a supply of water to replenish losses.  Large pipelines to bring fresh water from the Dakotas will help abate flooding as well as provide the water necessary.

Long term project:

Build an interstate distribution system to transport sewage to states with abundant year round sunlight and to return oil and algae cake true clean coal substitute.   Much like the interstate road system, this will have many side benefits for generations to come as well as eliminating our need for any foreign fossil fuels.     Eventually even the distant states could be included in the system improving both our carbon dioxide issues, dead zones in the gulf, and water quality.

Short term projects:

Teaching algae technologies in community colleges and other schools

Preparing engineering plans and surveys putting tens of thousands of long term unemployed engineers to work.

Putting all types of people in service careers to support preparation projects

Putting many people to work altering sewage systems to use  sewage instead of disposing of it as waste